Cut-off Times:

Shuttle Departure and Start Times:

Friday, September 28th:

Bib Pick-up 4PM to 7PM - Trailfitters

Come see us, pick up your bib and get questions answered about the trail and the event.

This is a great time to pick up the timing bib, avoid the lines!  Collect a maps and get answers to questions about the event, trailhead locations, driving directions, what food will be at the rest stop…any question you have we can answer it.   

Representatives from the Superior Hiking Trail will be at Trailfitters to answer questions about the trail, future SHT events, volunteer opportunities, memberships and more.

Drop bags and markers will be available.  Shirts will be handed out at the finish. Trailfitters is located in the Fitger's Complex at 600 E Superior Street.

Saturday, September 29th

Check-In, Bib pick-up and Start 5:15AM to 8:30AM

At this time in the morning only the front doors, Superior Street Entrance, will be open. Fitger’s is located at 600 E Superior Street.

Bib pick up available for all distances.

Check-in: It is required that everyone registered for the Grand Traverse 27 mile, 21 mile and 16 mile check-in at the registration table before boarding the bus Saturday morning.  Those registered for the 10 mile distance do not need to check-in prior to loading the bus.  Your bib will be your ticket to load the shuttle to the start of each distance.

Shuttle Departure Times:

27 Miles:   6:00AM

21 Miles:   6:30AM

16 Miles:   7:30AM

10 Miles:   8:30AM 

Please arrive at least 30 minutes prior to your departure time to allow plenty of time for parking, registration check-in, bib pick-up, gear organizing and loading the shuttle.  See above for specific shuttle departure times. 

If you provide your own transportation to the starting locations you are responsible for your car and transportation to your car after you are finished.  We do not provide a shuttle service from Fitger’s back to trailhead starting points.  Parking at Grand Portage, Becks Road, Magney - Snively and Highland/Getchell trailheads are limited.  We are not responsible for towed vehicles.  Please park respectfully. 

We strongly encourage you to ride the bus to the start points.  If you are interested in meeting the bus at a specific start location, please indicate that to the event coordinator by 7PM Friday, September 28th and plan to arrive 10 minutes prior to estimated start time.  All participants who are providing their own transportation to the 27 mile, 21 mile and 16 mile starting point must check-in with Grand Traverse staff before heading down the trail.  Tracking bibs are required for all participants and can be pick up prior to race day or when checking in.


FREE all day in the Fitger’s Ramp, located off Superior Street.  Please be courteous to daily patrons of the complex and park in the blue line areas.  The blue lines can be found anywhere away from the entrances to Fitger’s and on the top level.  Parking is also available at surrounding meters, which are not enforced on Saturday and at the 1st parking ramp located on 1st Street behind the Sheraton.

Drop Bags: 

You can drop off your drop-bags at check-in time Saturday morning.  There will be bins labeled with each aid station number and location.  All gear must be placed in a bag and labeled with name and rest stop.  Bags, markers and tape will be available Friday and Saturday morning.   White trash bags and ziplock bags will be provided for use.  Personal bags, properly marked, are allowed.    The bus will also have a drop box to discard clothing, mugs, water bottles, or anything you do not want to carry along the way.

We will try our best to have the bags back at Fitger’s before you finish.  All unclaimed and late gear bags will be at Recognition Ceremony at 5:30pm. 

Start and Timer: 

The start time for each distance will be based on the arrival of the bus and the official start proclaimed by the Grand Traverse official for the 27, 21 ad 16 mile.  Your finish time will be recorded by timing chip.  If you are driving to the any trailhead, please wait for the bus to start and remember to check-in.  The 10 mile official start is when the participant crosses over the timing mat, known as a rolling start.  Your start time will then be recorded.  10 mile participants will be allowed to cross the start line starting at 8:50AM.


Aid Stations and Check-in:  

All participants should check-in with Grand Traverse staff at each rest stop.  

Four aid stations are located the points along the course: 21.5 miles, 16.5 miles, 10.2 and at 4.5 miles from the end.  Each aid station has water and sports drink.

Rest stops will provided the following items:


Heed, Fluid replacement drink

GU's and Gels

Power Bars and Clif Bars



Cheese and Salami

Homemade baked goods



Halloween Candy

Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwiches


Course Markings: 

Follow only the BLUE Superior Hiking Trail blazes and SHT markers for "Main Trail".  Spur or Loop Trails are marked with White Blazes.  If you find yourself not seeing Blue Blazes, backtrack until you see Blue again (then make sure to head EAST, up the shore, towards downtown Duluth!).    Maps will be provided and are available on the Superior Hiking Trail website:

First Aid and Safety: 

Safety is important because of the rugged nature of the Superior Hiking Trail.  Each aid station is also a check in spot for hikers/runners.  We do this to ensure participants are progressing in a timely manner and to ensure no one is lost.  Each station is stocked with everything you need for minor bumps, bruises, pain medication and of course blisters.  We also will have a sweeper and first aid officials hiking along the course to ensure safety.   

Time Check Cutoffs: 

Participants doing the two longer treks are expected to maintain a 3 mph pace throughout the course.  If a participant has not arrived at an Aid Station prior to the cutoff times below they will be shuttled to Fitger’s or shuttled ahead on the course.

21 Miles: 9:00AM

16 Miles: 11:30AM

10 Miles: 2:30PM

5 Miles:  4:15PM


The Finish of the Grand Traverse will be in the courtyard, on the Lake Superior side of Fitger’s.  Please finish using the STAIRS from the Lakewalk to the observation deck and Fitger’s.   All finishers received a 2017 Grand Traverse Dry-Zone t-shirt, men’s and women’s styles.

Recognition Ceremony:

5:30 pm at The Rex (Fitger’s Basement).  All the Grand Traverse (27.5 Mile)  will be awarded a special finisher rock.   This ceremony is for everyone to attend.  It is a great way to end the day on the trail, celebrating all that was accomplished.  Special guest speaker will be the director of the Superior Hiking Trail, Denny Cardeff. 

Safety Procedures:

-Participants are required to check in at each aid station, checking their name and

entering their arrival time in the aid station registry.

-At registration each participant is encouraged to give the event officials the cell phone number of the cell phone they will be carrying during the trek or an emergency contact.

-Wear bright colored clothing for your safety in the woods.

-In the event of an emergency use your cell phone to call 911, and then notify the event officials at 218 590-5851.  This number will be on a mailing label on your trail map.

Suggested Gear:
Trail running, hiking, or light hiking shoes
Fanny pack or backpack
Appropriate clothing, changes of clothing, and clothing options
Rain gear
Hydration system or 2 water bottles
Extra socks
Hiking/Nordic walking poles
Sun hat
Sun glasses
Sun screen
Small first aid kit
Cell Phone