All courses use the Superior Hiking Trail.  Up to date trail conditions and maps can be found on the Superior Hiking trail website.  Link to SHT.

Starting points and distances:

Grand Traverse: 27.4 Miles

Starts at Grand Portage trail head on the Superior Hiking Trail within Jay Cooke State park. Due to Highway 210 reconstruction, the drop off point is 1/3 of a mile from the trail head.  Highway 210 is scheduled to open on October 4th, 2017!

21.5 Miles:

Starts at Munger Trail trail head, located just off Beck's Road - 123rd Ave West, and at the foot of Ely's Peak.  This distance starts going straight up to the top of Ely's Peak, get ready to breath.

16.1 Miles:

Start is located at Magney-Snively trail head.  This is located on Skyline Drive 2 miles past Spirit Mountain Recreation center.  This location is one of the hidden gems, waterfalls, old growth forest and spectacular views surround this starting point.

10.2 Miles:

Starts at the intersection of Highland Road and Getchell Street.  This trailhead and roads were recently remodeled and we are excited to be back to the original 10 mile starting point.  Bonus to those who have been with us before, the start is at the top of the hill versus the bottom.

All Distances Finish at the Fitger's Courtyard. 

Course Information:

Superior Hiking Trail (SHT):

Location Maps: